Size Measurement

How to Measure Your Ring Size Like a Viking Warrior

At our store, we specialize in crafting the finest Viking and mythology-inspired rings for warriors like you. But before you can slip on one of our epic pieces, you need to know your ring size. Here's how to measure it like a true Viking warrior:

Step 1: Get Your Battle Hands Ready

Before you start measuring, make sure your hands are warm and relaxed. You don't want tense fingers or a chilly grip to mess with your measurement. And to ensure your measurement is as accurate as possible, measure at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest size.

Step 2: The Ring Sizer or String Method

There are two ways to measure your ring size: with a ring sizer or with a piece of string. If you have a ring sizer, simply place it on the finger you want to measure and adjust until it feels snug but comfortable. Read the size indicated on the sizer and jot it down.

If you don't have a ring sizer, don't fret. You can use a piece of string instead. Wrap the string around the finger you want to measure, mark where it overlaps, and measure the length with a ruler. Then use our ring size chart to find your perfect fit.

Step 3: Find Your Viking Ring Size

Now that you have your ring size measurement, it's time to find your perfect Viking ring. Our sizing chart includes US, UK, and EU sizing systems, so you can find the size that suits you best.

And with our selection of unique, handcrafted Viking and mythology-inspired rings, you're sure to find a piece that speaks to your inner warrior. From intricate dragon designs to Odin's Raven, our rings are made for men who embrace their fierce, adventurous spirit.

So don't wait - find your perfect ring size and join the ranks of the mighty Viking warriors today!